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The Narrows - National Hwy
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Breakfast Available all day!

Daily Specials for breakfast, lunch and dinner!


Cheese Sticks (5) with Marinara Sauce
Fried Green Beans
Sweet Potato Fries

SANDWICHES   Served with chips and pickles

Kline's Club
Roast beef, ham, lettuce, tomato, mayo, pickles, onions and cheese on grilled rye bread

Turkey Club
Turkey, bacon, lettuce, tomato, mayo and American cheese on Texas toast

Steak Sub Small (6 inch)   Large (12 inch) 
Grilled steak, seasoned lettuce, tomatoes, mayo Extras: Cheese, hot and sweet peppers and onions

Ham and Cheese Sub (hot or cold) Small (6 inch)   Large (12inch) 
Baked Ham, American cheese, seasoned lettuce, tomatoes and mayo

Bacon, Lettuce and Tomato 
Served on choice of toast with mayo

Grilled Chicken Fillet 
Tender Lemon Pepper Chicken on grilled bun

Served on grilled bun

Fried Chicken Fillet 
Deep fried served on grilled bun

Crab Cake 
Homemade crab cake served on a grilled bun or rye bread

Ham (hot or cold) or Roast Beef (hot or cold)
Country ham or top round roast beef served on choice of grilled bun or bread

Grilled Cheese 
American cheese served on choice of bread

Hot Dog 
Served on grilled bun, cheese and sauce extra

Chicken Salad 
All white meat made fresh served on choice of bread

Tuna Salad 
Made fresh daily, served on choice of bread

Ham Salad 
Country ham, served on choice of bread

Egg Salad  
Made fresh, served on choice of bread

BURGERS Served with chips and pickles

1/4 lb. Hamburger  
Served on toasted Kaiser roll

1/4 lb. Cheeseburger
Served on toasted Kaiser roll with choice of American, Swiss or Provolone

1/4 lb. Bacon-Cheeseburger  
Served on toasted Kaiser roll, Crispy Bacon and choice of American, Swiss or Provolone

Cheeseburger Deluxe
2 quarter pound burger patties served on a toasted Kaiser roll with lettuce, tomato, pickles, onions, mayo, ketchup and mustard. Choice of American, Swiss or Provolone

DINNER ENTREES Served with two side dishes

Does not include soup or salads

12oz Delmonico Steak
Char-grilled to perfection!

10oz. Sirloin Steak
Char-grilled to perfection!

Deep-Fried Chicken Breast
Batter dipped in our own blend of seasonings

Hamburger Steak
1/2 lb. hamburger steak served with grilled onions and homemade gravy

Chicken Tenders
3 All white meat chicken strips

Liver and Onions
Tender Beef liver served with grilled onions and gravy

Baked Ham
Slices of tender tavern ham

Hot Roast Beef Sandwich
Top-Round beef baked to perfection, served on 2 slices of bread and topped with our homemade gravy

Grilled Boneless Chicken Fillet
Tender boneless lemon-pepper chicken seasoned with a hint of butter

PASTA Served with a salad and garlic bread

Spaghetti small or large
Tender pasta topped with our homemade sauce

Chicken Parmesan
Deep-fried chicken fillet topped with provolone cheese and our tender pasta, smothered in our homemade sauce

SEAFOOD Served with two side dishes

Crab Cakes
2 Homemade crab cakes grilled to a golden brown

Breaded Shrimp
Deep-fried to a golden brown

Butterfly Shrimp
6 Jumbo shrimp, breaded and deep fried

Batter dipped and deep fried

Fried Haddock Fishtail
Breaded and deep fried

Baked Haddock
Seasoned with lemon, butter and old bay

6 breaded and deep fried


Mashed Potatoes
Home Fried Potatoes
Baked Potato
French Fries
Green Beans
Onion rings
Cole Slaw
Butter Beans
Cottage Cheese


Ranch, Italian, Lite Italian, Bleu cheese, French, Thousand Island, Vinegar & Oil and House (creamy sweet and sour) Extra dressing 

Stuffed Tomato 
Ripe Tomato stuffed with choice of Chicken or tuna salad and served With a side of cottage cheese

3-Way Salad 
Chicken, ham and tuna salads served on a bed of lettuce and tomato wedges

Chef Salad 
Served with choice of Ham, Turkey, Beef or Bacon, Lettuce, Tomato, Onions, Cheese, Egg, hot and sweet Peppers and black and green Olives

Chef Salad - All Meats
Ham, Turkey, Beef and Bacon, Lettuce, Tomato, onions, Cheese, Egg, hot and sweet Peppers and black and green Olives

Grilled Chicken or Grilled Steak Chef Salad Small or Large
Tender grilled lemon-pepper Chicken or Juicy Steak with Lettuce, Tomato, Onions, Cheese, Egg, hot and sweet Peppers and black and green Olives. Topped with french fries.

House Salad $3.00
Crispy Lettuce, Tomato and Onions

HOMEMADE SOUPS Served with crackers

Cup or Bowl

Vegetable Beef
Navy Bean
Butter Bean
Soup of the Day

Vegetable Crab (available on weekends) Cup or Bowl

JUST FOR KIDS (Under 12)

Served with one side dish and small drink (no refills)

Chicken Nuggets
Hot dog  
Grilled Cheese

****Does not include salad****


Pies and Cakes
Ice Cream


Coffee or Hot Tea (bottomless cup) 
Fountain Soft Drinks
Iced Tea  
Milk Shake 
Milk or Juice (no refills) Small  or Large


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